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Have you ever dreamed about wedding of your dreams? I must admit that I am. Were would you like to be, on the beach, large villa, a modest church or even in Las Vegas, haha? One of the most important things after groom is certainly a dress, right?
Will it be white, beige or in some crazy colour? The mermaid, like a princess or vintage?
A very important thing, and are bridesmaids. Although in my country we don't have them, I realy like that custom. I was thinking who will be mine bridesmaids haha? I know of course. My best friends ... They would have beautiful bridesmaid dresses.
While they're invaluable for moral support, throwing awesome bachelorette parties, and helping you get in and out of your dress, bridesmaids used to have a far more serious role in the wedding: protecting the bride from evil spirits.

On online shopping site Pickweddingdresses I found beautiful dresses for the bridesmaids. They also sell wedding dresses. You can shop them by trend, style or popular city. They have a wide range of wedding and bridesmaid dresses in different styles, materials, with stunning details and prices are very affordable. They also have flash sales where you can buy dress with very low price.Would you choose short or maxi dress for bridesmaids? Or maybe midi. You can find them both on this site. You can shoose similar style to brides dress or different one. Style can be a-line, ball gown, empire, or mermaid. Colours are usually the same for all bridesmaids. The most popular colours are beige, pastels or reds. 
This season pastels are realy popular. I think it is the best to just go on Pickweddingdress site and choose which one you like the most. I am sure you will all look beautiful!
Hope this article helps you to choose the best one. Or if you don't plan to merry yet, you can always just dream about it.

 In the modern tradition, bridesmaids and groomsmen are ultimately there for support and companionship. And the most prominent way that they do so is by giving a toast to honor the bride and groom. At many weddings only the maid of honor and the best man stand up before the entire reception, raising a glass of champagne and giving a speech. But depending on the bride and groom’s wishes, other maids and men might also give a speech.  Bridesmaids and groomsmen have therefore been standing in support of their loved ones for centuries. While their responsibilities and fashions have changed over time, they have always been an important part of a wedding ceremony, acting as protectors of the bond between the bride and groom.


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