OUTFIT POST | Sunshine

"Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about."
-John Mayer

Hi ☺
Who eles loveeee suny days like I do?! 
And it was perfect day to wear my new shirt and sneakers from JessicaBuurman, I must admit they caught many looks from the people on the street. They are quite bold & statment, so would you wear them and how?

T-shirt: SuperDry - TheHut.com
Shorts: Zaful
Sneakers: JessicaBuurman*shop here*
Sunnies: RetrovisonEyewear

ONLINE SHOPPING | Wedding and Bridesmaids Dresses

The tradition says that the wedding dress should be white, and the newer customs require that such a dress should be rich in handmade details that testify that this is the most special piece of clothing you will wear in your life.

Regardless of whether your wedding feels like a happy ending of a fairy tale or a moment to sway as if you were on a red carpet, the wedding dress you choose should tell you a lot about you - whether you are modest or ambitious, shy or extremely extrovert. And the most important thing is that you feel well in that dress. I am sure you will feel magical in some of
AW Bridal® dress.



If you like some of these dresses, be sure to check aw bridal Review links so you can be sure in their quality.

BEAUTY | Get Look of Your Favourite Stars With Celebrity Wigs

Hair is the crowning glory for every man and woman. It has become a status symbol nowadays. So, losing hair may cause a severe emotional impact on an individual. Many individuals who have lost their hair recently have said that losing hair is like losing their individuality, self-confidence and lowering their self-esteem. There are many entrepreneurs who have picked up this idea and have brought about the creation of all kinds of wigs of different colors, size and styles for women and men. Celebrity wigs have also become popular these days.

Do you know what celebrity hair wigs are? They are hair pieces of different styles, colors and sizes that are worn by celebrities. The stars by putting on these hair pieces can change their hair style from curly and short to straight and long in a very short time without affecting their real hair. So, if you've always fantasized about flaunting the fashion statement of your favorite celebrity, choose to wear the lace hair piece worn by them. By purchasing hair extension styles worn by celebrities you can have tight curls on your hair today and even make them look straight the following week. You can even change the color of your du along with its style the next week. All this means you can get the look of your favorite star by wearing the style of hairpiece worn by them and even change your look quite often as desired by you.


BEAUTY | Everything You Need to Know About Clip in Hair

If you like to wear your hair as straight hair can get then silky straight clip in hair extensions are the right texture to use to compliment your hair.

Silky straight clip in hair extensions are bone straight meaning the strands of hair used to create the extensions are so straight that they don't even have a hint of waviness or curl. The individual strands are fine and soft to the touch and won't become puffy or wave or curl when exposed to heat and humidity.

Sleek silky straight hair is a styling trend that is here to stay. X Factor judge and former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland has often been seen gracing the red carpet while wearing long silky straight extensions with chestnut highlights. Other celebrities who follow this trend include award winning actress and star of television show Empire Taraji P. Henson who is known for her signature long silky straight bob as well as Kerry Washington, the leading actress in the long running political drama Scandal, who is known for switching between a variety of long and short silky straight styles.

From Hollywood to Instagram ladies are showing their love for silky straight hair and you can too with the use of silky straight clip in hair extensions. Silky straight clip in extensions can add dimension, length and volume to your hair and give you instant Hollywood glam. Ready to wear your hair straight with silky straight clip in hair extensions? Here are a few things you should know.

OUTFIT POST | Bright on 2 ways

"Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up." 


 These white Balenciaga lookalike sneakers will definitely be one of my fav sneakers for this spring/summer season. And because it was cloudy I styled them with a black high waisted jeans, black sweater and bright Kappa jacket.

Also, my sister styled this sneakers but this time with gem straps deatil, on a similar way like me. She just wore Superdry shirt and Retrovision Eyewear sunnies.

Which outfit do you like more?

Jeans: Tally Weijl
Jacket: Kappa  
Sneakers: JessicaBuurman *shop here*

OUTFIT POST | Flared jeans from Dropship

"The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also."
- Harriet Ann Jacobs

Spring is officialy here and what a better outfit is than denim. I love pieces from Dropship Dresses but in this post I will show you Dropship jeans and body. What do you think about this outfit?

 Body: Dropship *shop here*
Denim jacket: HM
Jeans: Dropship *shop here*
Sneakers: Jessica Buurman
Bag: Jessica Buurman *shop here*


Check their big sale promotion here!

GIFT IDEAS | IPad Leather Cases

In this post I will show you some cool gift ideas for a tech lovers. FYYStore is an online shop for tech accessories (phone, tablet laptop cases and other accessories).
All the cases are high quality, made with premium genuine leather exterior and pu leather interior.
Beside the great quality they are super stylish and made in few colors with affordable price.
I choose my favorite pieces for IPad devices, check the rest of the post and let me know what do you think about them? Would you buy them for someone or maybe for yourself?

U ovom postu ću vam pokazati neke kul stvarčice za poklon vašem prijatelju, roditeljima, dečku/devojci ili možda poklon samom sebi?!
radi se o radni FYYStore, koja prodaje kvalitetne kožne futrole za mobilne telefone, laptopove, Apple uređaje i ostale aksesoare.
Sve futrole su napravljene od kožne spoljašnjosti i pu unutrašnjosti. Možeteih naći u više modela, boja i po povoljnim cenama.
U ovom postu sam vam pokazala par futrola za Ipad uređaje, ali iste ove futrle možete kupiti i za ostale modele. Koja vam se najviše sviđa?

First one is this brown leather case for 2019 iPad Air 10.5/2017 iPad Pro 10.5 inch . Perfect for business people, for a work or even a college.

ONLINE SHOPPING | Bridesmaid dresses from Ever-Pretty

And at the wedding, more and more often, the wedding itself has some thematic color, as far as the decoration of the sale is concerned, that is when it comes to dressing up guests.
That's why girls choose Bridesmaid dresses that do not necessarily have to be the same, but at least they are in a similar shade. This additionally beautifies the wedding photos themselves.
This season are very popular apricot color dresses. A real, happy, summer color, which stands for women with each hair color, and in turn, it falls well on the photographs, like Purple bridesmaid dresses.
Choose the model that you like best and which is best for you, just keep in mind that it is in the same color and glitter!
We have selected the most popular models in this color, and you choose the one you like most.
Also if zou have some other special occasion soon, Ever-Pretty has a wide range of special occasion dresses like Graduation dresses.

ONLINE SHOPPING | Graduation dresses from Ever-Pretty

When we are in a hurry we often ignore many things that would greatly ease our choice ...

Of course, if there is little time left, and the opportunity is extremely important like a graduation dress, it happens that we forget a large number of guidelines that would help us with the easier choice.

Before anything, take into account the kind of event you will attend, whether it's formal, casual, or something, whether you have an idea in which toilets most lady will appear, but also what length does it fit you. Do not just burden yourself, because this is just the first step, it's enough to create a vision.
Then you just need to check Ever-Pretty site and find a perfect dress from their wide range of graduation dresses.

OUTFIT | Smile, it's almost spring

"Beauty is power; a smile is its sword."
- John Ray

Hello spring! Well it is almost a spring :) But there are many sunny days in the last weeks that made my smile even bigger.
For the relaxing weekend day I wore casual outfit with my new Jessica Buurman Dior lookalike bag. That I absolutely adore. What do you think? Would you wear it?

Sweater: Superdry
Jeans: Pull&Bear
Boots: Zaful
Bag: Jessica Buurman *shop here*
Sunnies: Delirious