ONLINE SHOPPING | Bikinis & summer dresses from Lover-beauty

Hi guys! In this post we are talking about bikinis and summer dresses trends. I will show you some of my favorite pieces from Lover-beauty online shopping site.
Although the bikini will not be taken off the top of fashion trends in the summer of 2020 either - we have good news for all fans of one-piece swimsuits!
While one-piece swimsuits have been shyly announcing their arrival for the past two years - in the summer of 2020 they will boldly announce their definitive return, and we believe, and will be wonderfully welcomed by the ladies!
But let’s get back to our, still favorite two-piece bikinis for women. Two-piece swimsuits will be made in a variety of cuts. High waisted swimsuit bottoms and an interesting, asymmetrical cut of the tops (on one shoulder) - will be another big hit in the summer of 2020!


WISHLIST | Dresslily

Hi guys! In this post I will show you some nice items from Dresslily shop that are great for summer and you can get 20% OFF your order with code: DLBF20 with 20% OFF
Let me know what do you think and do you like them.

If you absolutely have to choose only one swimsuit this summer, we suggest a tankinis. A tankini combines the comfort of a tank top and the freedom of a bikini bottom all in one. If you want to skip wearing a bikini and need more coverage choose tankini.

WISHLIST | Summertime clothes from AlisaPan

Having in mind that summer is approaching, it's the right time to renew your summer wardrobe. My recommendation for a sophisticated, chic and modern style is the AlisaPan online store. Alisa Pan is created to help modern women to find the perfect dress for any occasion, they want you to look and feel your best for every single moment life throws your way! 
I like a lot of products on their website, but in this post, I set aside a couple of favorites. Shipping is free for orders over $50 and you can even get a 25% OFF your entire order with a code: SPR25
Happy shopping!

OUTFIT | Old town

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

I love spring, scents, flowers, greenery and the opportunity to dress lightly. In these challenging times, everything looks nicer and better and more valuable. A walk with a friend seems even more beautiful than before. How do you spend your time?

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And you can use my coupon code: 2Qmagda (Extra 15% off when over $60)

Blouse: SheIn *shop here ID: 925728
Jeans: Old
Bag: JessicaBuurman
Shoes: Deichmann
Watch: Mockberg
Necklace: ONecklace


“A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.”
– William Hazlitt

In Serbia, the situation with the pandemic is much better, so my friend and I took the opportunity to walk and take a picture of the new blouse I got from SheIn. I paired it with a high waisted burgundy pants, converse sneakers and a bag, and so I made a casual outfit for a spring day. Do you like it?

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And you can use my coupon code: 2Qmagda (Extra 15% off when over $60)

Top: SheIn *shop here* product ID: 1010947
Pants: Stradivarius
Sneakers: Converse
Necklace: ONecklace
Watch: Casio

OUTFIT | MY SISTER | Neon & black

"The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be." 
—Bill Cunningham

Hi guys! Today one bold and urban outfit with my new leather combat booties from Jessica Buurman. This type of boots is really trendy lately and you could seen this model in Zara but also in other hi end brands. My sister was my model for this post and she paired them with leather black pants, neon top and denim jacket. I think she did that job great. what do you think of her choice?

Boots: JessicaBuurman *shop here*
Top: SheIn
Pants, jacket and bag: Old

OUTFIT IDEAS | 3 outfit ideas with JessicaBuurman booties

Rougher and chunkier than the other models, biker boots once reserved for bad guys on motorbikes are now part of the most feminine combinations and they bring a cool factor and effective look. 
Although you may have perfected combining boots with clothing by now, I will show you a few new, interesting combinations with my new JessicaBuurman leather combat booties.

A pair of boots like this can add a "dangerous" note to your styling. Pair them with jeans (just make sure they are cropped) for a more relaxed look, or wear them with a printed dress for an unexpected contrast.

BEAUTY | Lace wig knowledge for beginners

Lace wigs are preferred by the majority of wig lovers for the soft lace part, realistic parting and natural hairline. However, for new beginners, they may still have some doubts about lace wigs. Hence, this blog is going to focus on some basic knowledge of lace wigs. Hope all the new starters will have a clear picture of lace wigs and grasp fundamental skills to wear lace wigs with the easiest and most comfortable way.

Lace wigs have lace built in to the cap with human hair or synthetic hair individually tied in. So when you wear it, it looks like the hair is growing out of your hair. Because of the construction of the cap, they are more realistic and naturally-looking than basic cap regular wigs. Lace wigs come either the lace front or full lace which is exactly what it sounds like. Lace front wigs just have lace around the front where your hairline is and are generally more affordable than full lace wigs which are lace throughout the whole cap.

Depending on how long you want to wear a wig at a time and how much time you are willing to spend on wearing wigs, there are different ways to wear lace front wigs. Choose the one that you like the most and give yourself a good hair day.

Blending it with your natural hair

You can use this way when the wig you are going to wear is a color that is close to the color of your natural hair. It works really well for people who have dark hair and want to use a dark-rooted wig. So if it is a similar color, you can use the front of your natural virgin hair and your baby hair to give yourself a realistic hairline. And then blend your hair with the wig for a seamless transition form your natural hair to the wig hair. No hairline looks more natural than your own.

Start by parting your hair in the same place that your lace front's part is. Then put on a wig cap to contain most of your hair but leave the front bit out. Some people like to leave just a little bit of their hair out, like the baby hair, and other people like to leave a good chunk of their natural hair out. This really just depends on how well the wig matches your hair and your personal preference. Once the wig is how you want it, push those little clips into your hair to secure it in place.

BEAUTY | How to make your first lace front wig

If it seems like everyone and their mother is rocking lace front wig these days, you are spot on. The popular protective style has been sweeping the beauty community for a few years now, and thanks to YouTube and our favorite hair guru's, it has become easier than ever to rock the look. With a few plucks and a swipe of bleach, you can have an undetectable lace front wig that will make even you question your hair growth prowess.

Before wondering about how you're going to turn your frontal and bundles into a flawless wig, there are a few preparatory steps you need to take to make sure you're setting yourself up for success. We've curated some of the best, and most easy to understand YouTube tutorials so that you'll be on your way to creating a flawless lace front wig on your first try.

Bleaching the Knots
Unless you've ordered a pre-bleached lace front, you're going to have to bleach the knots. Charge it to the wig game. Since each hair strand is hand-tied into the lace base, there are visible knots at the end of each strand which looks like little black dots along your lace. Bleaching your frontal masks the black knots, and makes your hairline look more natural. It can be a messy process, so make sure you have all the necessary tools before you start.

ONLINE SHOPPING | Where To Find Prom Dresses 2020

Where To Find Prom Dresses 2020
(Where To Find Prom Dresses 2020)
Still looking for the perfect gown that can create a gorgeous look? The one who draws the most attention at prom will be the winner. But choosing the form-fitting dress to help you look stunning is not an easy task. Luckily for you, I have made a list of Where to find prom dresses 2020 in various styles. Remember, go for a prom dresses shops in london that highlights your features and hides flaws.