OUTFIT | Streets

 "A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion."

- Coco Chanel

Hi guys! Even though it's winter, it wasn't that cold these days, so take advantage of the nice weather for some walk and I wore my new tracksuits from Shein (check here), it is super comfy, great quality but stylish also. How do you like this trend of wearing tracksuits with a coat? A lot of people don’t like it, but I adore it!

Hoodie & joggers set: SheIn *shop hereID: 1825546 
Coat: Zara
Sneakers: JessicaBuurman *shop here*
Bag: Mona

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OUTFIT | Chocolate

 “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”

- Charles M. Schulz

Hi guys,
What do you think about mixing brown and black? I thought it is not going to work, but I actually love it. I combine these black leather pants, black crop top with chocolate brown jacket and I think it looks awesome. Of course, boots and bag are also in black, because I wanted to get this classy but edgy look. Let me know would you wear this?

Leather pants: SheIn *shop here*  ID: 1476973
Crop top: SheIn *shop here*  ID: 1664207 
Jacket: SheIn *shop here*  ID: 1812243
Boots: JessicaBuurman *shop here*
Bag: Mona

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OUTFIT | Autumn vibes

 "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."

- George Sand

Hi guys! Hope you like my new autumnish outfit with my new satin blouse from SheIn, black jeans and my fav furry coat. I added some accessories and my new bag to make it more elegant. Let me know your thoughts. :)

Blouse: SheIn *shop here* ID: 1645607 
Jacket: SheIn
Jeans: Zara
Bag: JessicaBuurman *shop here*
Boots: JessicaBuurman *shop here*
Watch: Mockberg
Necklace: ONecklace *shop HERE*
Belt: Mona

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OUTFIT & LIFE | It is okay to feel nervous, we all have feelings

 It’s okay to be nervous, moody, or sad sometimes. The whole situation in the world is difficult and has an impact on all people, we have been living for half a year with the fear of getting infected or infecting the people around us. So everything is fine, don’t worry, we are all people of flesh and blood, we all have - as it says on my blouse - feelings. Just try to do what makes you happy, spend time with your loved ones, do creative things, take a glass of wine, sleep until noon, take photos, shop online, play with your pet, play sport - in one word, do what fulfills you and everything will be easier. 

Top: SheIn *shop here* ID: 1689187
Jacket: Converse
Necklace: ONecklace *shop here*

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OUTFIT | Sunny December day

 “A good river is nature's life work in song.”

― Mark Helprin, Freddy and Fredericka

Hi guys! 
In this post I will show you interesting and cozy outfit with my new knit top and pants set from SheIn. They are super cozy and I love how they can be combined in a different ways - casual, elegant, etc. I added my Zara coat, and my new bag from JessicaBuurman, this bag is super cool because it can be worn in two ways - one is little more casual with belt and one is more boujee and elegant - with gold chain. With this outfit I prefer belt but if you like to add little more statement to an outfit you can also use golden chain. Let me know your thought.

Knit top & pants set: SheIn *shop here* ID: 1689187
Coat: Zara
Bag: JessicaBuurman *shop here*
Boots: JessicaBuurman *shop here*
Sunnies: Local store

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NEW IN | Necklace from ONecklace

Hi guys! 

You all know that my favourite necklaces are from ONecklace, I posted them in many of my posts. Honest, their necklaces are super great quality and super stylish - they matches with all of my outfits!

So, I have a new one, and this one will be my new favourite. It is made from silver and it has rose gold plating and Aquamarine birthstone. Aquamarine represent March - and my little sis is born in March, so it is dedicated to her.

Christmas holidays are coming so be sure to check ONecklace online store because they have amazing pieces and everything can be customized and this could be great gift for the upcoming Christmas holidays 😍

Necklace: Evil Eye Necklace With Birthstone *shop here*

Rose Gold Plating/ Aquamarine - March/ 16''/ Rose Gold Box Chain / Lobster Clasp (+$3.95)

Coat: SheIn

Belt: Mona

FAVOURITES | Lingeries from SheIn & favourite care products

 Hi guys 😊 Hope you are all doing well!

In these chaotic period about pandemic and lockdowns, it is really important to take care of yourself and of your loved ones, of course! Take care of your mind, body but also treat yourself with nice stuff & quality skin care products.

In this post I will show you my favorite intimates - green basic bra and lace lingerie set from SheIn and some of my favourite skincare & fragrances products in these work from home days. 

Remember it is really important to feel good & take care of yourself in every way!

1. Floral Lace Lingerie Set ID: 1492002 (available in black & red)

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GIFT IDEAS | 5 budget fashion accessory presents

While extravagant gifts can impress people, gifts that have a certain sentimental value are a much better option if you want to show someone how much they mean to you. That is why today we offer you several different Christmas's gifts that will not cost you a fortune, and with which you will surely cause enthusiasm among your loved ones.  And one more thing, you can get some extra % OFF if you check couponmeup site.

Ben White on Unsplash

ONLINE SHOPPING | Body shapers from Feelingirl

Feelingirls is online shop and they are selling wide range of body suits, body shapers, thigh and arm trimmers and other types of shapewear. Their compression body shaper will help you to look stylish in any outfit. Their models are perfect body shapers for women, because they don't roll down your stomach. They are very comfortable to wear and fit your body and make you even more attractive.

The body corsets were in trend in the nineteenth century, but their great return is announced. Particularly interesting are those body shapers that the manufacturers claim make the fat in that area melt and that if you wear it, your waistline will become very thin. In this online shop you can also find plus size shapewear bodysuit.

If you want to use body shaper when you train, it will quickly and easily shape your figure and make you look like an hourglass. All you have to do is put on this belt before training and train with it all the time. Take it off after training.

Before you get this body shaper and start applying this "waist training", look at the reasons for using this special corset for weight loss. What kind of corset is that? Let's face it, we're not talking about those corsets that are bought in a sexy shop. These are corsets that will help you to look great in any dress or that you should wear before training and they will help you burn all the fat on your waist.

Many celebrities did not resist this trend either, so it is known that Kim Kardashian, her sister Chloe, and Jessica Alba, who constantly wore a corset day and night, also tried this corset! She says that she was sweating a lot, but in the end it paid off! Be sure to check Feelingirl online shop and get your favorite piece for affordable price.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Graffiti backdrops for perfect edgy photo

Think about what images represent you and your outfit. This is the first step in creating professional photos. Think first whether you want a clean and white background or you are more for a more dynamic variant like graffiti theme .

The background in the photos of your outfit can play a key role in a positive or negative impression on the follower. Careful selection of the background for your edgy outfit like hip hop graffiti can enhance the identity of your brand in photos, set you apart from the competition and help you increase your followers. But for any image, it is important that the outfit itself be the center of attention. For example if you are taking a photos for your party outfit you can use graffiti backdrops for party. Let’s take a look at what simple but edgy, appropriate and inexpensive hip hop backdrops wallpaper you can use, even if you don’t have your own studio.