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Wedding is the most important day in the life of a couple in love. It is he who marks a new chapter in your romance that will last forever. That is why it is not surprising that every step in organizing the celebration is filled with joy. You must have already set a date and place, chosen a band for the wedding and decoration. Of course, future brides spent the most time finding the perfect wedding dress. However, it is the most beautiful dress you will ever wear, so it must make you shine on this day.

But, do not forget that without dear friends, your romantic wedding would not be perfect. From the first days of love, they were there, sharing happy and sad moments with you. And now you will celebrate the bachelorette party and the main event together. To have photos worth remembering I give you some tips on how to choose dresses for bridesmaids.

ONLINE SHOPPING | FeelingirlDress shapewear

An important party or date is approaching, and it turns out that the dress you have chosen shows your floated belly? Choose shapewear! You will hide flaws and emphasize curves. 
Shapewear is a must have for many women. Thanks to shapewear vendors, they feel confident and sexy. Shapewear hides what you want to hide and emphasizes the figure. How to choose it according to your body shape and what to pay attention to when buying? I have gathered a handful of the most important information.

ONLINE SHOPPING | Lingerie from

Lingerie is a piece of clothing that should provide us with comfort and pleasantness on a daily basis, but also to be a little spice, and an incentive for our self-confidence on special occasions. Therefore, lingerie exists in different shapes, made of special materials, and tailored to suit each type of material.

How to choose the right piece for yourself, and which piece of lingerie will give you a special feeling, and in which you will feel comfortable and cozy? Find out in the text that follows. And if you want to buy some new sexy or classy pieces check wholesale lingerie site Girlmerry.


Hi guys! In today post I will explain you how to choose right wig for you, if you need one for any special occasion. I choose some cute wigs from wig sites called Uniwigs. They offer wide range of good quality wigs with fast shipping and great service.

ONLINE SHOPPING | Men suits from

In the modern world, nothing is left to chance. This also applies to the choice of suits as a very important expression of communication. In this post you will amazing suits from Allaboutsuit online shop. The chosen suit reveals important guidelines about the type of work, its hierarchical position and the social status of the man who wears it. Your suit speaks of self-confidence and respect for yourself and the organization you represent. More importantly, it also expresses the degree of respect shown towards their business partners and customers.

ONLINE SHOPPING | Shapewear from

You have a special occasion and you want better body line for your new dress? Check this phenomenal full body shapewear!

Yes, that's right, you can look firm and taut with the help of this body corset. Durafits online shopping store has prepared a wide range of shapewears for you if you want to look great in every outfit. 

Shapewear shorts are quite comfortable to wear. There are no side seams, it shapes the waist and hips, and the skirt or dress will fall better and will not stick to the legs. Almost 2 in 1!

"Body liner" or extended halter is ideal if you want to emphasize the waist and straighten the abdomen. It’s deep to below the chest, so there’s no way you can get those ugly donuts like when you wear a navel-deep model.

Full-body shaper - Slim, completely invisible under the wardrobe, the body shaping overalls will tighten and shape all the critical points at once: chest, abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks and thighs.

Modern shapewears are as comfortable as possible. It is not convenient to wear them every day, but on important occasions you do not hesitate to wear one.

OUTFIT | Sun on my face, wind in my hair

 “I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket.” 

– Kellie Elmore

What a perfect day to wear my new pj set from SheIn which can also be worn as a set for beach, or in my case day by the river. It is beautiful, cozy, perfect material and super cute design. What do you think? Would you wear this as an outfit too or only as pj?

PJ Set & Robe: SheIn *shop here* ID 1606180
Sunnies: RayBan

GIFT IDEA | Motivational Quote Water Bottle

We all know that we should drink water, but it is easy to forget and many do not have that habit. So what to do? Consuming water doesn’t have to be stressful or boring. There are a number of ways to make your new healthy habit fun.

1. Change the water temperature

Sometimes cold water is fine. Sometimes it just isn't. The water does not have to be cold or even room temperature. Heat it up whenever you want. Not only is it sometimes more pleasant, but it can also help with digestion, prevent constipation, and much more.

2. Drink more herbal tea - it can be a good start

If the water is too boring for you, replace it with some herbal tea. The tea is hydrating, has a nice taste, and depending on the herbs you take, you can have additional health benefits from it. Herbal teas are good both hot and cold. Just try to avoid sweeteners to make hydration most effective. Also, avoid caffeinated teas.

3. Buy a bottle of water with a hook

It's too easy to forget your water at home or in the car, and it can be difficult to carry a bottle around all day. Today, there are countless water bottles that are made with a belt or bag hook, so hydration is easier than ever before.

4. Buy a water bottle that is unusual and beautiful

Sometimes the most important thing is to have self-confidence and feel excited about your new habit. Choose an interesting bottle of water that suits your personality.

With interesting motivational statement and clocks on it this Keepto 64 oz water bottle with time marker, this water bottle is extraordinary for reminding you stay hydrated and drink sufficient water for the duration of the day. It is extraordinary inspiration for any wellness objective including weight reduction, and following water consumption during a detox or pregnancy. 

OUTFIT | Blossom by blossom the spring begins

 “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’”

- Robin Williams

Hi guys! Sunny days ahead us finally! Fresh air, flowers, beautiful trees, ahhh, I love spring!
Here is one perfect springish outfit with my new top & pants from SheIn. Would you wear it?

Top: SheIn *shop here* ID 1747673
Pants: SheIn *shop here* ID 1812042
Jacket: H&M
Bag: Mona
Sneakers: Converese
Sunnies: Retrovision Eyewear

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ONLINE SHOPPING | Man suits from

In this post - something for male audience - suits from Allaboutsuit online shopping site. For every man, there is a suit that suits him, it's just a matter of skill in choosing and completing the suit with the appropriate details. That's why the suit was created - because it can cover all the flaws and give an elegant look. These tips will help you adjust the suit to your type of material, but the most important thing is certainly to be satisfied and to feel comfortable. Accepting your material is half way to choosing the perfect for example wedding suit

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