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Before bringing the puppy to its new home, prepare everything necessary. The first few months of your pet's life are the most important for establishing a quality relationship with the new family. You need to be consistent and firm, while at the same time giving him a safe and happy home.


Provide your puppy with a special bed. On the first night in the new home, your new pet will enjoy a soft bed, which will give him warmth and a sense of security. He will be comforted by a specially designed puppy toy. If you have other pets in the house, introduce them gradually, do not leave them alone, and do not feed them together until they get to know each other well and accept each other. You can also use special silicone pet mat that is also very good to bring with yourself wile travelling.

Practicing using the toilet

While the puppy is small and hasn't finished its vaccinations, it must not go outside. Diapers will serve you well for defecating in the house. They come in various sizes and you can choose the appropriate one according to your needs. Most often, they are self-adhesive so that they stand in the place you intended for them. In order for the puppy to come to the diaper, it needs to smell the urine on it. There are several different drops for diapers, and their function is the same. The smell of the diaper will attract the puppy to defecate right there, instead of on the floor. Be sure to reward him when using a diaper, which will encourage him to repeat defecation in that place.


The first meals of a new puppy in the house are very important. Find out what your puppy ate before coming to its new home and try to feed it with that for another day or two. If you want to change the type of food, do it gradually over a period of one to two weeks. Mix new and old food, gradually increasing the amount of new food, so as not to overload the young digestive system. Quality dry food for puppies, apart from being healthier for your dog, also results in smaller, firmer and neater stools.

Travelling with pet

Most people won't leave their dog or cat alone home, instead, they travel with them. Then you have to prepare pet's luggage. Silicone pet products from Newtoprubber online shop like pet bowls can be easily folded and stored. They are using a special silicone overmolding technic which is safe for pets.


An obedient, well-trained puppy will be happier, calmer and more fun than a mischievous puppy. The best age for training a dog is between 12 and 18 weeks of age. However, basic training should begin as soon as the puppy enters its new home, and once acquired good habits should be encouraged throughout life. Reward-based learning is most effective if the reward follows immediately after a well-executed command or action. The puppy will only associate the reward with the act immediately preceding it; if the reward arrives too late, it can be counterproductive.

When the weather is cold, dress your puppy in a puppy coat. Always carry treats with you as a reward and be ready to give them to the puppy immediately after he has responded positively to the command. Start by learning simple commands, such as: "Sit", "Come", "Lie down", etc. Use toys and chews, making sure that you are the one in control of the game. Teach the puppy to be social and always under control. If you get your puppy used to socializing with other people and animals from an early age, you can avoid future behavioral problems.

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