REVIEW | Curls with IrresistibleMe diamond flat iron

Hi guys!
Many times I wished that I had curly hair, but somehow, over time I learned to love my straight hair, because I can make her curly whenever I want. Although at the beginning I only knew how to use iron to make hair more straight, but now somehow I learned how to make my hair curly with iron. In my last outfit post you can see how curls looks on me. I didn't took a picture, before make it curly, because you all know that I have really straight hair. These curls I did with a great diamond flat iron from usa brand and online shop Irresistible me. In this post here you can see detailed review. This is maybe the best flat iron that I've ever used. And I must add they have great customer service, they are very kind, + for that! How did curly hair looks on me, you can look at the pictures below. Plus I put a few more ideas for hairstyles with curls.
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