ONLINE SHOPPING | Designer clothing from Stylewe

Hi people! ☺
I recently discovered a great online shop with designer clothes. StyleWe is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers.
The website has a wide range of clothing such as dresses, outwear, shorts, pants, etc. and bags. All things are very original and trendy. If you want to see more click here
They even have Serbian designer Ana Vasiljevic! Some of their awesome designers are, Wifing, Chestnut and Annakiki designer. I could not decide which one is my favorite.
 Below I have put some fancy items from this site that are great for summer. What do you think?


WISHLIST | Bikinis for summer

Hi guys! Summer is here but do you have your perfect bikini?
If no, check this awesome bikinis from online shop Zaful. I already ordered mine and can't wait to receive it. ☺ And guess what, they are all under $20. Wow!
Which one is your favorite?

Click on the number for more details and price

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1 / 2 / 3

OUTFIT | Paris is always a good idea

Ripped jeans and a shirt are always a good idea. ☺

Jeans/farke: *click here*
Sunnies/naočare: *click here*
Watch/sat: *click here*

ONLINE SHOPPING | Designer wedding dresses from Cocomelody

Dear brides, if you have not yet came up with what kind of dress you want for your perfect day, here is are few ideas what you could choose. These dresses are from online shop Cocomelody.
If you don't know Cocomelody sells wedding, bridesmaids and special occasion dresses and also an accessories.
Here are are some eternal classics designer wedding gowns. I believe that each of you will find something for themselves. They are all wonderful and you will feel like a princess. 
Wedding is one of the most important events in our lives and it is very important to choose a beautiful wedding dress appropriate for the occasion.  

There are numerous of wedding dresses on the market, and almost every one is beautiful, but the real choice is not easy. It is important to choose a dress that suits the shape of your body and that highlights your attributes and conceal disadvantages. On Cocomelody you will find the right one for sure.

ONLINE SHOPPING | Modabridal lace dresses

Dresses, we all love them, in all colors, models and shapes. In this post check some pretty laces dress from online shop Modabridal
They have amazing wedding, prom, homecoming, cocktails, party dresses and many more.
Their dresses are stylish and trendy. 
You can not determine who invented lace, some argue that the first samples arrived from China, while others claim to have arrived from the eastern Mediterranean. Anyway this perfect fabric wore only ladies of high society. Today things are different. There are many types of lace, or whatever you chose, lace will point out from the crowd and make elegant and feminine. Lace clothing pieces appear to have been created only for special occasions, but very easy to be perfectly integrated into everyday life.  

ONLINE SHOPPING | Fashion clothing from Fashionmia

Hi guys,
In this post I choose some pretty dresses for you. They are all from fashion online shop Fashionmia.
It is cool shop and they sell cheap clothing and accessories.
They have many stylish models. They offer free and safe shipping also.

First, here are some cocktail dresses. Elegant, sleek & suitable for semi-formal to formal occasions. A cocktail dress is typically a knee-length party dress to wear at a cocktail party. There are many different styles of course. If you don't go to cocktail parties you can wear them to graduation party, christening or to other formal event. Here are some of my favorite models from


Hi guys! In this post I am presenting you one amazing online shop that I discover recently and it is called Apparel Candy. They launched their site recently but it is awesome. Even its name is attractive.
It is the place to find it all! You will find the ultimate wholesale clothing and hottest trends in fashion for great prices and quality guaranteed , everyday all year! 
They sell modern clothes, but also accessories and sunnies, fragrances and cosmetics, shoes and the latest addition to its offer includes handbags and purses. Be sure to take a look and you certainly will not disappoint. Everything is so trendy, cool and urban. The wholesale clothing by Apparel Candy is perfect for every stylish women or girl. Fancy dresses, crop tops, trendy shorts or the latest fashion sunnies are just some of the many fabulous items on their store.

Here are some of my fav items from this shop. 
First shirts, I love shirts with text and I love gray color, so these shirts are super cute.
My fav one is 'but first tequila'. ☺

WISHLIST | Summer wish list

Deciding what to wear during the summer can be somewhat difficult for some people; namely those who love the bold, edgy styles, and want to wear what runway models and celebrities are wearing. So, what items should be a part of the 2016 summer fashion wish list you are putting together? Consider a few of these items, which you will make use of on nearly a daily basis, during the warmer summer months which are near approaching.   

 Sunglasses -  This accessory is a staple for any summer outfit or look. You want that edgy, bold, energetic look? Do you want to go with sleek and sexy? You have many finishes, details, sizes, and wild design detail, you can choose from, to match any style or personality. Whether you want to dress it up for the day, or want something cool and relaxed to wear by the pool, these are a must have in any summer accessory list.  

 The block -  A block heel or wedge sandal is another must add accessory to your 2016 summer fashion wish list. They can be higher or shorter, wider or thin and narrow, have elaborate design, print, or be a simple colour. Depending on the outfit, and whether you plan on wearing them to an outdoor party or event, a work function or to the pool for the day, you will find several styles and wedges from which you can choose for the summer season. There are loads of catalogues which offer summer footwear. If you would like to compare some of these then is a brilliant place to start.