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 In this post check the must have item for every lady - blouse. I picked some of my fav blouses from online shop FashionMia, and if you want to see more click here for more Trendy Tops

Blouses should not be linked with the office "uniform code". Although most commonly associated with business uniforms, blouses are a must for an stylish outfit. They are the biggest weakness for stylists, bloggers and models. And do not forget to buy a white shirt - regardless of whether it is too big or fits you perfectly, it is necessary item for a modern total look in white color. 
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Colorful blouses are always in. Floral, animal print or geometric pattern - is up to you. My favorite is this one in the middle, with leopard red print.

If you choose black or white one, you can never be wrong. Black and white are always perfect combo. You can wear them in school, at party or at any other event. We should all have a little white blouse in our wardrobe.
Well, when I say, white blouse, I mean the basic one: long sleeves, buttons and regular collar. In cotton, silk or linen, the white blouse fits every occasion, every season and every bodyshape. I know, you already love her.

Depending on how you wear it, the same blouse can give you a very different allure. You could indeed, roll up your sleeves or let them long, button your collar to the top of open it to reveal your neckline, use it to accessorize your sweater or make it the star or your outfit, etc.

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