WISHLIST | Spring with Banggood.com

Hi guys! Spring is my favorite season of the year. I love wearing light casual clothes and to spice it with some statement piece.
In this post I choose some nice pieces from online shop Banggood and combine them to one outfit, perfect for day out, or night out if you change shoes with some sandal heels and clutch bag. Would you wear this? 👇😎

1. Harry Potter black t-shirt >> https://goo.gl/5nLE3P
2. Mustard loafers >> https://goo.gl/roO44M
3. Metallic skirt >> https://goo.gl/R4B8vQ
4. Black bag >> https://goo.gl/pftpT7

 And of course, what is a good outfit without an accessories. 
Add some choker necklace, long necklace or watch and you are ready to go.
 1. Choker 8 piece set >> https://goo.gl/TuAE5a
2. Long tassel necklace >> https://goo.gl/BQxNmZ
3. Gold watch >> https://goo.gl/RgdETi
       Black watch >> https://goo.gl/ZOuK15

WISHLIST | Long velvet dress

Many designers say that velvet is mandatory for this season. Regardless of whether this would be a statement piece in the form of pants, jacket, shirt or shoes, you have to have something velvet - my recommendation is long velvet dress.
At dresses or skirts, velvet is always a great way to express your chic side. If we look at fashion blogs, it remains in the top trends this season. I suggest that you get a velvet dress this spring. Short or long, these dresses will make you look stunning wherever you appear. Check these amazing pieces from online shop Zaful.

 Deep blue midi velvet dress
Shop here:  https://goo.gl/BJPj3r