ONLINE SHOPPING | RoseGal dresses for every body type

So far, I show you some two piece sets and swimwear... But what about all those beautiful summer dresses?

We all like to wear them, but we can not wear everything. In this post I will show you dresses for everyone's body. All these dresses are from Rosegal online shop. They have many stylish items, be sure to check more.

 Sand clock
Highlight your curves! This figure is 'killer' and therefore, emphasize your dress with the belt. Your narrow waist will surely attract eyes. This one is beautiful peach colored dress with pretty flower print, it is perfect for hot spring and summer days with sandals and heals for nights.


This type, in most cases, has thin legs, and the central part of the skin (mostly around the stomach and buttocks). A dress with narrower shoulders, which spreads below the chest, will help you to point your thin legs and narrow shoulders, and conceal the central part. Again, beautiful white dress with flower pattern, you will attract many eyes with this dress.


Reverse triangle (V body)

Dresses that gently spread and make A-cuts are ideal for concealing wider shoulders. I choose this one because it is really feminine and classy. It is perfect for work with some flats or some wedges. Color is also very elegant.

Rectangle (H shape)

Dresses with mild clusters around the waist and chest are ideal to emphasize the curves that you have! Also, the middle length of the dress will give you this sophisticated look. This black laced dress is really stylish and sexy. It is definitely my choice for night out. You will rock it with some high heels.

Triangle (A shape)
Dresses with narrow upper part,, which extend from waist downwards, are ideal for this type of shape. It will bring up your beautiful upper part and slim waist, while it will visibly lower the thighs and hips. For this body type I chose this white lace dress but you can find many more styles at Rosegal site.

Which one is your favorite? Don't forget - no matter what is your type, you should wear what you like and in what you feel comfortable, because you are beautiful always! :)