TIPS | 10 Style Tips for Looking Fantastic on a Budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive clothes and elaborate beauty treatments to look amazing. Scrolling through Instagram or flicking through the pages of a fashion magazine, you can’t go thirty seconds without seeing a supermodel wearing an outfit that’s to-die-for but probably costs millions of pounds. But this doesn’t mean you need to have an A-list budget to look your best.

A quality item of clothing is a worthwhile investment as it can last forever and make you look incredible, but there are plenty of ways to look, and feel, fantastic without breaking the bank. Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be full of designer clothes that were made in Italy. By being strategic about the items you buy and how you put outfits together, anyone can look classy if you know what you’re doing.

Here are ten tips for looking good on a shoestring budget.
  1. Buy second hand

Some people turn up their nose at the prospect of buying clothes someone has already worn, but there’s no shame in it. Firstly no one will ever know, and secondly, you can save yourself a fortune. With an extra few hundred pounds in your purse, who’s laughing? If you see an item you like when shopping online, check resale sites such as eBay or Depop, and you may find it going second hand for cheaper. Alternatively, look in thrift stores, and you may score some huge deals on high-end items. More often than not, you will find plenty of high-quality clothes, sometimes with the original tag still on!

  1. Alter sale items yourself

Clothing sales are great, but you always seem to find pieces that are either way too big or way too small. Don’t write them off just yet. Consider whether you could adjust them to fit, or have them taken to a dry cleaner to alter them.
  1. Accessorise

You can make any outfit look ten times classier by adding a few accessories. Jewellery, handbags, or a great pair of glasses can really dress up what you’re wearing without being too expensive.
  1. Save money on layering

Layering your outfits lends more versatility and personality to your fashion choices, but it also means you can save money on items that aren’t the focal point of the outfit. Buying t-shirts or jumpers cheaply for layering, means you can be thrifty with your clothing without anyone noticing.
  1. Shop out of season

Putting together a summer wardrobe at the start of summer will be expensive. If you’re not too bothered about being timely, you can save a vast amount of money by being more strategic about when you buy. Shopping for swimwear in autumn or a winter coat in spring will be a lot more friendly on your budget.
  1. Be well-groomed

You could wear the finest clothing from the most expensive labels, but if your hair is messy and your nails are chipped, you won’t look classy at all. Proper hygiene and self-care are the most essential steps. Keep your nails well-manicured, your clothes wrinkle-free, and your hair brushed and washed whenever you leave the house. Being polished and put-together, you will look and feel your best at all times.
  1. Stick to timeless classics

There are several staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe. A black dress, a great pair of jeans, a striped t-shirt and a turtleneck sweater, are all items that will never go out of style. Filling your wardrobe with these timeless foundation pieces will ensure you always have something stylish to wear.
  1. Look after your clothes

It seems obvious, but the better your care for your wardrobe, the longer it will last. You don’t want to use up your clothing budget replacing scuffed shoes or stained dresses. Be careful with how you treat your outfits and store them properly to keep them in good condition. Don’t be too quick to throw clothes out if they are ripped or worn. Consider whether you could get them mended to avoid the need for a costly replacement. 
  1. Sell what you don’t wear

Every woman has items in her wardrobe that she hasn’t worn for years but keeps them “just in case.” Take stock of your clothing and be realistic about what you want to keep. If it is still in good condition, you could sell it online and use the money to buy something you really do want to wear.
  1. Find inspiration online

There are plenty of thrifty fashion influencers who are in the same boat yet still manage to look incredible all the time. Take a look at their blogs and Instagram profiles and see if you can get some ideas.

Anyone can look fantastic if you take care with your clothing choices. By following these tips, you will be able to look great without struggling to make ends meet.