GIFT IDEAS | 5 Valentine's gifts on a budget

Men usually don't receive gifts as many as woman do, except for birthdays and Christmas. But every girl should know what her sweetheart has been wanting for a long time. If you haven't found out yet or don't have an idea, I have a couple of suggestions that will surely make him happy. And to save on your Valentine's gifts you should check great deals and discounts at and


Who says Valentine's Day perfumes are only good gifts for women? We love when a man smells nice, especially when we choose a fragrant note for him. A man who smells just the way you want - perfect!

Something to do with his job or hobbies

If your man is a painter, photographer or writer, buy him something unusual, funny, and useful - plus, it will always remind him of you as he uses it. Also, if he does sports, you can buy him a cup that says he is the best athlete in the world. Be imaginative!

Love enters the mouth

They say that the best way to reach a man's heart is through his stomach. Make him the dinner he likes best, and for dessert, bring out a hundred cakes or a heart-shaped cake, which says it's just for him. Feed him, he will rejoice over it more than a gift.

A picture or a book

A picture and a book? It depends on what your man likes. When you toured the malls with him, where did his gaze stay the most? He would surely enjoy in the framed picture of his favorite movie hero.

Write down the reasons why you love him

Original, and does not require much money. Write down on paper the reasons why you love him, pack him in an envelope and hand it to him on Valentine's Day. This is a romantic gesture to show him how much you care about him.

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