Hi guys! In today post I will explain you how to choose right wig for you, if you need one for any special occasion. I choose some cute wigs from wig sites called Uniwigs. They offer wide range of good quality wigs with fast shipping and great service.

How to choose a wig - Types of wigs: Synthetic and straight hair

When choosing a wig, you should take into account the complexity of maintenance as well as individual circumstances in everyday life. The longer the wigs, the more time it takes to maintain, and it is very important what material the wig is made of. You can also choose lace front wigs color for a super modern look.

Wigs are made of real and synthetic hair. Natural hair wigs requires more adjustment and maintenance, so wigs with synthetic hair are recommended for short-term use of replacement hair because medical reasons, especially since thanks to modern technology, synthetic hair is almost impossible to distinguish from natural hair.

Of course, real hair wigs are also a great alternative for the short-term need for replacement hair. If well cared for, they are a special category and can satisfy individual needs. With both types of hair (straight hair or synthetic fibers), it is possible to make individual adjustments and shortenings.

Maintaining synthetic hair wigs has never been easier than natural hair wigs. Shampoo and wig packaging make it well-groomed and at the same time look perfect. It is very important to draw attention to the fact that adequate maintenance of wigs prolongs their life use.

With an adequate washing and drying procedure, these wigs retain their original shape! Stir the wig shampoo (small amount) in lukewarm water (more cold than warm), leave the wig for ten minutes and wash it, and then rinse with lukewarm water (if necessary, repeat the procedure once more). After that, put the wig pack in lukewarm water and leave the wig for 10 minutes. Then repeat the rinsing procedure.

Take care that the wig should not be exposed to a heat source, but should be left to dry naturally.

Real Wigs Hair and Benefits of Real Wigs Hair

Natural hair wigs look completely natural and if well maintained, they fall into a special quality category and can then satisfy the individual emotional needs of most women. However, unlike a synthetic wig, straight hair requires more adjustment and maintenance.


Exclusive, very natural look. Hair can be individually styled with curling irons or a hair dryer.

Hair can be dyed.

Real hair wigs retain their shape, shine and natural strength.

Advantages of using a wig

Fashion accessory

Raising self-confidence in a person with weak hair

Save time and money when going to the hairdresser

Save your hair

Dissatisfaction after a new haircut

Decorative jewelry for dolls on display in boutiques

Multipurpose accessory

Medical purposes

Scalp Problems

Natural partial or complete hair loss

Change of appearance

Hairdressing practice

Trial hairstyles

Photo-shooting / modeling

Stage performances (concerts, video recordings)

Celebrations, Party, Masquerade, Graduation, Weddings

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