WISHLIST | Summer wish list

Deciding what to wear during the summer can be somewhat difficult for some people; namely those who love the bold, edgy styles, and want to wear what runway models and celebrities are wearing. So, what items should be a part of the 2016 summer fashion wish list you are putting together? Consider a few of these items, which you will make use of on nearly a daily basis, during the warmer summer months which are near approaching.   

 Sunglasses -  This accessory is a staple for any summer outfit or look. You want that edgy, bold, energetic look? Do you want to go with sleek and sexy? You have many finishes, details, sizes, and wild design detail, you can choose from, to match any style or personality. Whether you want to dress it up for the day, or want something cool and relaxed to wear by the pool, these are a must have in any summer accessory list.  

 The block -  A block heel or wedge sandal is another must add accessory to your 2016 summer fashion wish list. They can be higher or shorter, wider or thin and narrow, have elaborate design, print, or be a simple colour. Depending on the outfit, and whether you plan on wearing them to an outdoor party or event, a work function or to the pool for the day, you will find several styles and wedges from which you can choose for the summer season. There are loads of catalogues which offer summer footwear. If you would like to compare some of these then catalogues247.co.uk is a brilliant place to start.  

Earrings -  Statement earrings are a must have accessory. Dangling is in, huge hoops are in, elaborate design and detail are in. The bigger they are, the flashier they are, and the more colour and pop to them, the more likely they are going to be seen on runways and made by the top designers for the summer season. You can make a statement with several styles, detail, designs, and materials, so make sure you know where to shop, and how to go about choosing these statement pieces.    

Kaftans -  Sure, summer dresses and sun dresses are always a must have during the summer. But, what about those days you want to be comfortable, don't want form fitting or tight, or simply want to lounge out by the pool or at home? The kaftan is a summer must have for women as well. They pair well with sandals, the long, flowing gown looks good with a belt or sash, and vibrant colours and design will give a pop of style to any fashion or style you are trying to pull off.   

Purses, clutches, designer handbags, sandals, are also popular items you are going to want to be on the lookout for when the time comes to shop for the wardrobe you are going to be wearing during the coming months. No matter what style, design, or detail you like best on the runway, for those who are looking to stand out and look great all summer long, these are a few of the must have items you are going to want to add on to the 2016 summer fashion wish list you are putting together.