HEALTH | Say No To These 4 Things When You Are Pregnant

As those who have experienced it, even after the pain and the discomfort, they claim that being pregnant is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Men or women that have not experienced this will never understand this bizarre feeling but since most women have said it, it must be true.
Being pregnant is not all fun and games and appointments to the gynecologist all the time. You have a huge responsibility to carry out and take every step keeping in mind that your life and your baby’s life are at stake all the time.
Take help from experienced women and medical professionals for a complete guide to things to do during pregnancy; and while you do that, take a look at these four things that you should definitely say no to when you are expecting a child. 

1. Being a potato couch
 One of the first and foremost things you need avoid is being a potato couch thinking that you are pregnant. Having a baby inside you does not make you sick or paralyzed. Even though most people still say that you need to get as much rest as you can, you will still need to keep your body moving so that your baby can grow to have physically strong attributes. However, this does not mean you start weight lifting and doing heavy chores. Walk a short distance every day and keep doing light things around the house. 

2. Stressing out
Pregnancy can be very stressful, especially for someone who is very impatient. Thinking of what will happen and how you will do it will constantly cause you stress which you need to avoid. The hormonal change in the body will be a factor while a few things going around in your head will further cause you issues. To reduce stressing out you can do everything that you thing busts the adrenaline rush. It always helps to talk to someone to find a friend and talk to them about everything that you feel. It is also helpful that you write down your feelings and compose yourself through the writings. If you are stressed about how things will be done, then make a checklist. 

3. Taking excessive medication
There are many people all around the world that have now developed a habit of taking medicines because they seem to be intolerant with a little headache or cramps. This habit
persists when they are expecting a child which causes many problems in the future. With this habit, you can cause damage to the development of your baby. Your liver can be at stake more than it is already and you can put your health in jeopardy. Unless your doctor prescribes you a pill, you should not take it no matter how much you think you need it. 

4. Eating Sweets
Craving for something sweet during pregnancy is normal. The reason behind this is that your baby takes up a lot of your nutrients which make your body crave glucose. However, processed foods like donuts and chocolates in a huge amount can cause your child to have juvenile diabetes. Take naturally sweet fruits and food that will be healthy and help you tone down your cravings. 

 Image source: Pexels