WOMEN'S DAY GIFTS | ONecklace Personalized Necklace & Bracelet

If you ever wanted a necklace with your name as Carrie Bradshaw, you can now have personalized piece from ONecklace. I get two pieces of jewelry from this shop for Women's day. They make personalized jewelry with your name, initials, date or something like that.  The items are real silver and can be made with some luxury stones. The packaging is the cutest thing ever. You get little box for your piece and little carry bag. Also in the bag you get little cloth for cleaning.
There is also certificate of authenticity because all of their pieces were made from real silver, gold etc materials. Because all of these reasons ONecklace is perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, graduation, Valentine day, Women's day or any other holiday.

The first piece that I got is this 24k Gold Plating monogram necklace with the initials M and K. 
First letter is from my name and second is from my sister name.
This is one of the most beautiful necklace I ever wore and it is even more dearest to me because it has a sentimental value.

Block Letters Monogram Necklace - shop here


The second piece is gift for my sister. It is also monogram bracelet but in sterling silver  because she have silver Casio watch. It is similar to mine also with initials M and K. She really loves it and it was really nice surprise for her.

Block Letter Cut Out Monogram Bracelet - shop here

One more important this is that ONecklace offer a free shipping worldwide and my package wasn't held at customs and I didn't have any extra cost. 
Thank you very much ONecklace and I can't wait to show you my pieces in the outfit posts.
Thanks for reading guys!


  1. Sjajan post, draga moja Magdalena. Moram priznati da mi se ovaj nakit jako dopada, posebno zato što je moguće poručiti nakit sa svojim inicijalima. Pogledaću ovaj sajt, a možda ću nešto i poručiti. Hvala na preporuci.

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  2. Divan personalizovani nakit. :)


  3. Nakit je predivan! Fotkice su još lepše, he he :))



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