BEAUTY | How to Choose the Best Hair Straightener/Curling Iron

Long hair is still considered one of the highest standards of beauty. Too unfairly, many would say, but in spite of this every girl at least occasionally  reach for a hair straighter or curling iron. Using tools like your curling iron or hair straighter can damage your hair so here's what you need to know before buying.

Ceramics, tourmaline or titanium - which material is the best?

When buying a hair straightener, the most important decision is where the material of the iron is made. The material depends on the efficiency of the iron, but also how much it will damage your hair.

The materials used in making hair straightener are:
Most iron irons use ceramics. Ceramics performs well the temperature, quickly heats up and does not damage hair such as aluminum from which the first hair was made. It also releases negative ions, which make the hair look healthier.

Is the width of the iron important?
Hair straighter are generally between 2 and 6 cm wide. Of course, there are irons outside of these frames. Most hair straighter have a plate about 3 cm wide. This width is ideal for people with short hair and hair to the shoulders, as well as for people with extremely thin hair. These types of hair should avoid wide irons because they are more likely to pass through the same part of the hair several times than necessary, and thus can cause unwanted damage. In addition to thinning hair straighteners for shorter and thinner hair, such devices are excellent for styling other than hair treatment. With such iron, it is possible to curl up the hair - which is thinner than the ones that are less curly. With large iron, this can not be achieved. Thin hair straighter are also more precise, so it's easier to include hair straight to the scalp. If you have very long, thick or curly hair, it is advisable to buy a broader straighter. Though the thin spindles will do their job well, you will be finished with a larger width.  


Hair straighteners today mostly come with the possibility of temperature regulation. Sometimes it accurately writes on how many degrees the iron is heated, and sometimes writes exclusively the number of levels, and it is necessary to look in the manual of how many degrees each level is. The choice of temperature is usually mechanical (eg turning the wheel). Some spirits have a digital display where you can see the exact temperature. If you are not sure which temperature is ideal for your hair, it's best to buy an iron that has a greater range of heat regulation. Go with the smallest and slowly increase until you find the ideal temperature. 185 ° C is on average the ideal temperature for most people, so try not to go above it unless you really need to.

What hair straighter/curling  iron to buy?
If your budget allows it, be sure to consider tourmaline or titanium irons because they are less damaging to hair. But, ceramic iron is a great choice. Moreover, some ceramic irons come with additional features and features that put them at the very top of the best hair straighteners. It's only important that this is a real ceramic, not a ceramic coating. Of course, it's possible to find excellent devices below this level, while we are more and more recommended to those who want to be honored.