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Hi guys! :)

In these challenging times, we should also talk about inspiring things, such as the jobs we do and whether we do our dream job.

My story starts from my school days and with the rise of social networks and my first computer. I have always been fascinated by the Internet, all the creative functions it provides, so already in high school I had a couple of FB pages with a thousands of followers, which posted about fashion topics. Then I switched to sites like Tumblr, Polyvore (does anyone remember Polyvore), and then blogging. I slowly started to make money from my hobby, applying for smaller jobs on the Upwork site. I knew that my faculty would be related to this topic. So I enrolled in ICT college - Internet Technology module.

I thought I would do web design, that was my wish, but as my interest in social networks, blogging and etc. grew, I switch to digital marketing. And here I am now, working as a PPC specialist in a great company.

Although I lost my job during the first wave of Covid, because my then company was engaged in tourism, after 4 months of persistent search and not giving up, I found a job. And I am very satisfied, I got even more motivation to learn, to progress, and the most important message is never to give up.

If you are also in a search for job - be sure to check dream job usa - and remember to never ever give up :)

Let me know your thoughts on this and do you have your dream job?

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