PHOTOGRAPHY | Backdrops for the most beautiful photos

The perfect background for photographing like for example atu blackboard background for your handmade products plays an important role in this claim and, unfortunately, is often neglected. The right abc 123 background background will affect the overall look and quality of the image and will make the product stand out.

Finding the right backdrop and floor combo set can be difficult. It should have the right color, texture, be easy to carry and mount and not cost a fortune. Fortunately, the Starbackdrop has appeared on our market, which offers wide range of beautiful wallpapers with a beautiful back drops design too! Their diverse offer of background wallpapers will satisfy everyone's taste and needs of the brand, because you can choose between darker and lighter colors with motifs of whitewashed wall, stone, wood, concrete, metal, etc. 

Think about what images represent your brand. This is the first step in creating professional product photos. Think first about whether you want a clean and white background or you are more for a more dynamic variant.
Product painting usually involves a simple setting for photography. That means a white background and dim lighting. But the so-called "flat lay" in the presentation of products in online stores are becoming increasingly popular. "Flat lay" is a type of photography painted from above that represents a beautiful and harmonious whole using the right setting of many elements. It's a simple and stylish way to present some unique things in one photo.
There is no one right way to set up products, lights, props and more - it can change drastically depending on the background. However, do not choose a wallpaper based on what is easiest to create or set. Wallpapers should reflect the way you want customers to recognize your brand and product when they view it online.

Some paint products in the home studio, others decide to move the wallpaper to paint outside. Wallpapers should be light enough to move around the house and portable enough to take photos in other locations.

In essence, the two main types of product photos are mostly used: "product-only" and contextual or lifestyle photos, and accordingly their backgrounds.

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