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With the corona pandemic virus, we are forced to work from home, which takes place in different circumstances than usual. You may imagine that your colleagues look the same as you are used to seeing them at work, but working from home brings a dose of relaxation at least when it comes to dressing. Instead of suits, tight pants, shirts, skirts, shirts and shoes, people now do their work sitting in tracksuits, t-shirts, pajamas, slippers...An increasing number of brands are adapting their fashion lines to the new situation, so more casual wardrobe has become increasingly popular around the world. Many brands, including the most luxurious ones, are now ready to launch lines that will suit a larger number of consumers, and which will be in a more casual, everyday style. This is related to the new pandemic situation, because a large number of people spend most of their time at home. You will agree, in these difficult times, the most important thing is to wear what we like the most, and that is exactly what people around the world do. So in this post, I will show you some working from home essentials, how to look cute and to feel comfortable while working :)

1. Pajamas 

If you love to work in your pajamas, here is one cute piece from Newchic and if you want to check more head to womens flannel pajamas sets

2. Hoodies

If you are not fan of wearing pajamas while working (like me :)) check this awesome oversized hoodie which looks super cute and super comfy. If you like this piece check more at cat shirts for women section.

3. Bra

If you like to wear bra when you are at home, check this super comfy criss cross bra.

4. Jacket

Last, but not least, even though you work from home, you will still need cute and warm jacket to go to the market or to some walk. My favourite outwear piece is this this plus size teddy coat.

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