ONLINE SHOPPING | 5 Things to Know Before Buying Hair Toppers

When a person looks at a photo of their youthful years, they notice tight, glowing skin and a head full of voluminous hair. There is an instant comparison of the skin and hair of the present and past. It is discouraging for the person when his skin is dull and sagging, accompanied by the constant struggles of hair loss. Nobody wants to worry about hair thinning issues. But many times, it is not under their control. 

People try many things, from natural herbs to surgeries, to eliminate hair loss. In both cases, it requires dedication and lots of money. Hair transplants are pretty expensive nowadays. So, is there any instant solution to the problem? Yes, 
human hair toppers! It looks natural, giving an extra boost to confidence. While hair toppers are the crowns people should invest in, certain things must be known before making a choice. Here is the list below.

Understand your hair loss pattern

Hair thinning affects people differently.  Understanding your hair loss pattern is essential before choosing the perfect human hair topper. Here is the breakdown.

  1. Receding hairline: It is one of the most common types of hair thinning. The hair follicles beneath the scalp surface give birth to the lakhs of hair. When hair falls, new hair grows. This is how the cycle works. But when the follicle is damaged, the hair growth is stunted. This causes a receding hairline.

  2. Pick a hair topper for thinning hair that offers frontal coverage for such hair loss.

2. Balding spots: This hair loss can be spotted as an isolated patch. Small patches of hair thinning can be spotted about the size of a coin. A small topper that can cover the spot can help cover the hair loss, giving the illusion of fuller hair.

3. Diffuse hair loss: This kind of hair loss affects the entire head and causes loss of hair density.  A big hair topper for thinning hair that can cover the central part of the scalp is required to cover it.

Find your match

While hair toppers are women's best friendsit gets challenging to pick the right one if done for the first time. The reason is the toppers come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, colours, and textures; there is something for everyone. 

Want to know a golden rule? Big hair toppers are not for everyone. Picking a size that easily blends with the natural density is the key, considering the thinning area.

Does the colour of the hair topper for women match the natural hair? Mismatching can spoil the look. Meet a professional hair consultant who can help you pick the right coloured topper, or visit a trusted hairstylist. 

Hair texture is a game changer. A woman with coarse hair should not wear a topper with soft, silky hair. For a cohesive look, choose a replica of the natural hair.

Human hair toppers are made for women who do not want to compromise on their looks. Therefore, they have various attachment options for a comfortable experience. Use the information below to help you pick the right one.

  • Clip-ons: Instant attachment and removal of the hair toppers for thinning hair gives ease to beginners or anybody who does not have much time to hide that bald patch.

  • Pressure-Sensitive Footings: Again, these hair toppers for women waste no time and stick to the scalp in a few minutes, giving a secure and comfortable fit. 

  • Adhesives: With such hair toppers for thinning hair, medical-grade adhesives are used to secure the attachment to the hair. It is advisable to take the help of a specialist to install it.

Comprehensive care and maintenance

Branded products are generally expensive. It is cheaper to buy a knock-off, but will that last for long? Similar is the case with the human hair toppers for women. Think of it as a long-term investment that offers high-quality, great appearance, and longer shelf life if properly cared for. The thinning hair and underconfidence will be thankful for this durable and resilient product. 

Nevertheless, they need periodic good care to maintain quality, softness, texture, and appearance. Below are some tips.

  •  Be gentle: Consider it like natural hair. Clean it with care, as the hair strands are delicate. It is advised to clean it with sulphate-free products created for washing such hair pieces.

  • Give it conditioning: Without proper care, there is a high chance that the hair can go from silky to brittle and damaged. Regular conditioning will give the strands proper nourishment and keep them hydrated.

  • Be careful while applying heat: People often get excited when they get their hands on hair toppers and start trying new hairstyles too often. In this excitement, they forget to give proper care to their hair. It is important to note that applying too much heat or exposing it to too much sunlight can be destructive. 

  • Store it in the right place: The storage place of the wig should not deteriorate its shape. If it's straight out of the shower, do not forget to place it on a wig stand to maintain its shape. It is advised to put the hair topper on a mannequin head or a vented rack to reuse it.

If you want to understand hair toppers and how they can benefit you or buy a new piece, contact  Superhairpieces today.

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