News from Romwe + Ocrun giveaway

Mother’s Day is coming! What will you prepare for your mom?

Have you ever think of wear the same clothes with your mom? 

Want to make people believe that you are sisters when walking around the street? 

Go here to find your family fitted clothing:
Up to 70% off and a mystery gift!

Please do not forget to join Romwe leggings giveaway.
There will be 2 winner.
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Lolita Photos Collection Contest
5 winners in totalIt is open worldwide!Date: 04/22 – 05/12/2013

How to win:1. Register on our website & like our FB page Fans of lolita2. Send a photo of you in lolita clothes with a caption (the clothes also can be from other store) to via email3. Get as many Likes & Comments as you can after we upload your photo on our offical facebook

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Soon new outfit post...
Much love ♥