Kameleonz are Interchangeable Sunglasses with super cool fun design that makes one pair of glasses into numerous pairs. 
Check their whole story in this video.
Their moto is #lifeisabeach and i tottaly agree on this. ☺
how it looks on me*
 I chose the Lava triple set it comes with dark red frame and 3 Kameleonz arms in dark red, black and tangerine.
They are super trendy and also with UV protection. I also get a silky smooth carrying case customized for my new Kameleonz sunnies.
You can shop triple and full sets, but also solo or just side arms or bags.

Quality is realy good and i love how it easy to change arms.
I think my fave is in tangerine colour.

How it look with:
 black arms

dark red arms

and with tangerine arms 
*this one is awesome to spice your outfit*

And how it all looks like :)

Now they have special promo code for 30% OFF.
Check HERE to find it out.

Kameleonz site |  Kameleonz facebook page  |  Kameleonz instagram


  1. Amazing sunglasses, i like it. :)

  2. Love the idea of interchangeable arms!

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  3. This looks wow! Lovely post..Keep In touch sweetie..hugs
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  4. Fabulous!

    Love Vikee


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