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In this post - something for male audience - suits from Allaboutsuit online shopping site. For every man, there is a suit that suits him, it's just a matter of skill in choosing and completing the suit with the appropriate details. That's why the suit was created - because it can cover all the flaws and give an elegant look. These tips will help you adjust the suit to your type of material, but the most important thing is certainly to be satisfied and to feel comfortable. Accepting your material is half way to choosing the perfect for example wedding suit

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Tall man 

Deep V neckline. Many tall guys will think that they need a suit with three buttons, however, that will only draw attention to the torso. It is ideal to choose a classic prom suit with two buttons with a deep V-neck. 

Longer jacket. If it covers your hips, it will visually shorten your legs. 

Pants on the line. If the line is too pronounced, the length of the legs will come to the fore.

A big man

Appropriate cut. Big men are often embarrassed to wear a tight suit, so they cover their figure with wide cuts. This is the biggest trap you can fall into. Excess material will only accentuate your build. 

Light fabric: All bending and creasing will be accentuated by a dark suit. A great choice are lighter fabrics that are softer because they will soften your figure.

Good shirt. Look for longer shirts that won’t pull out of your pants and crease. A wider collar will visually reduce your face.

Short man

Narrow cut. You should avoid suits with three buttons and any wider cut. Slim fit will give you height.

Shorter jacket: It should not reach longer than the middle of the hand because that will visually lengthen the legs. Also try on slightly shorter sleeves so that your cuffs are more visible, which will lengthen your arms.

Pants: Avoid the line because it will only shorten the legs.

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