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Shapewear was in trend in the nineteenth century, but their great return is announced. Particularly interesting are those waist trainers that the manufacturers claim make the fat in the area melt and that if you wear it, your waistline will become very thin. The so-called "coach of your profession", as they say, works wonders! It will quickly and easily shape your figure and make you look like an hourglass. All you have to do is put on this wholesale shapewear before training and train with it all the time. Take it off after training.

Not many celebrities could resist this trend, so it is known that Kim Kardashian, her sister Chloe, and Jessica Alba, who constantly wore a latex corset day and night, also tried this corset! She says that it was not pleasant and that she was sweating a lot, but in the end it paid off!

Feelingirldress waist trainer wholesale is made of specialized materials that have all the essential characteristics when it is necessary to perform compression for a long period. The design of the corset with buttons and seams on the outside, soft soft surface, without wires and fishbone contributes to the feeling of comfort and convenience.

Advantages of shapewear

Adequate compression locally stimulates circulation, reduces swelling (edema) after surgery, reduces bruising and pain and contributes to the feeling of comfort. Visually reduces the volume by one confection number and gives a taut look.

High elasticity - It stretches in all four directions, providing even compression.

Softness - Very important for long-term wearing of corsets.

Material durability - The special weave makes the corset retain its shape and provides adequate compression even after long-term use.

Humidity regulation - It quickly absorbs moisture and drains from the body, which reduces the occurrence of irritation or infection.

Antibacterial protection - No unpleasant odors even after prolonged use, which is very useful after surgical interventions.

Allergen free - Everything that can irritate the skin, such as seams, zippers, buttons and labels, are on the outside.

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