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Summer is here and it is time to start thinking about topics such as going to the sea holidays or drinking cocktails by swimming pools. The models od wholesale bikini for the summer of 2022 that are trendy this season are very diverse, so it is difficult to choose the most beautiful ones. At the same time, the tastes are different, some women prefer one-piece, and others two-piece models. Some are fans of classic styles, while others are happy to experiment with somewhat unusual or extravagant models. All fashion stylists agree on one thing, we will definitely see these six swimsuit models at every step during this summer season.

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1. Metal rings

Gold-colored fashion details dominate season after season, and swimsuits are once again adorned with metal and plastic rings that look very chic and charming with a dose of sex appeal. On the other hand, you will feel like you are wearing a piece of your favorite jewelry with which to laugh and bathe!

2. Minimal bikinis

Ultra-thin, micro bikini straps are an absolute hit this year because they give a clean silhouette, and at the same time minimal lines from sunbathing.

3. Animal print

For this year, we can freely say that all colors are current. In addition to bright red, yellow, orange, green, pastel shades will be worn, as well as interesting prints. One of the most beautiful and striking prints are animal prints. In addition to classics such as leopard print, prints of tiger, chita, snake and zebra are also worn. 

4. Cut-outs

Cut-outs are another detail that is slowly starting to gain its place in the fashion industry. The models as well as their cut outs are very original and of course sexy because they reveal much more bare skin than classic styles. Models can be one-piece, but also two-piece. 

5. Ruffles

When we were little we always wore ruffles because they are fun, agile and playful in themselves. Fortunately, ruffles are back in fashion and are present on all pieces of clothing. Ruffles can be located on the edges of the bikini or somewhere in the middle. You can't go unnoticed with them even when you're just lying on the beach.

Both one-piece and two-piece models with a belt are all around us and look really feminine and beautiful. It doesn't have to be a classic belt look, but it can also be straps that are tied around the waist, sometimes in the middle, and sometimes on the side. The good side of these models is that they narrow the waist so that even obese ladies can wear them. 

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